Warbats (ウォーバット,U~ōbatto) (Originally Called Nozuki) are giant flying serpent-like daikaiju created by Legendary Pictures that first appeared in the 2021 film, Godzilla vs. Kong.


The Warbats' original name was Nozuki, as revealed on early leaked packaging for the Playmates figure.



Warbats resemble giant cobras with thin yet long bodies and grayish brown skin. Their elongated ribs can extend the laxer skin and create a red hood-like structure that can act as wings.


Warbats is portrayed by CGI.


Godzilla vs Kong

Kong battles at least two Warbats in the Hollow Earth, lifting one and slamming it onto another.



Warbats can use their wing-like hoods to fly. However, their speed and aerial capabilities have yet to be revealed.




  • Warbats was first presumed to be Quetzalcoatl among fans.
    • Warbats share some resemblances with King Cobra from Godzilla: The Series.
  • Nozuki was renamed to Warbat due to Nozuki being to hard for a child to remember.
  • When Warbats was first seen, it was named "Nozuki"
  • It is not certain if Warbat is now Nozuki's official name due to toy companies normally renaming figures to something that is easier for a child to remember.
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